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Easy Route to a Green Card for students applying for GRE

Easy Route to a Green Card for students applying for GRE.

To all the students who are thinking to give there GRE or GMAT and have a dream of studying in America live an American dream let me tell you the harsh truths about the US immigration process with an H1-B or a student visa, it’s getting competitive every day. now that globalization is for real and also getting student loans have got easy people from different countries are flying to America to study although when they apply, they go on a student visa they don’t return back to their country. Of course, nobody would want to kill the golden goose but here the reality kicks in. immigration to the United States is not set to get easier any time soon. In such times, the EB-5 visa is an extremely fruitful and quick option for students looking to live, study and work in the United States. It does not require any sponsors or supporters like other visas, and one can do it independently while also being more self-dependent rather than waiting for a miracle or superman to come and save you because trust me that ain’t going to happen and every man is for himself in this battleground.

With any other green cards, EB–1 is for those who are rock stars in their field, EB-2 and 3 needs a work certificate from the company that is sponsoring you, while EB–4 is for religious workers. All of these categories would be very difficult for students to qualify into. Moreover, getting student visas is not an easy task either, especially with the quotas and the increasing fraud universities. Living in a foreign land, it becomes a risky affair, either ways, all of these will take years for you to get a green card. Let’s put it this if you are making your way through student visa it will take you at least 20-30 years to get a green card. I am not joking, the number of people applying for a green card every day is increasing and the applications are getting piled up and up. Okay! Enough with scaring you guys, I can tell you an easy way out of all these, let’s just compare all of this with EB-5 visa, where all you need is $500,000 that one has to be willing to invest in a Regional Center, a project or a business fulfilling certain specific requirements. And there is no requirement for employers, sponsorships, supporters or anyone or anything. You are not under any compulsion to stay with the same employer or institution for a certain period of time I don’t know maybe 4yrs or 6yrs. And there are random lotteries you have to wait for or pray for. You get a conditional green card upon being granted the visa, and a full permanent green card once all the requirements are met, and the first review happens in just two years of getting the conditional permit. There are quotas here too, I am not saying you won’t have a competition here. You will have a competition here too and also there is a cap on the number of EB-5 visas granted every year, but this is still manageable if you go through a proper source and in my knowledge said Jagdev Singh managing partner of PNJ5 who grew up in Punjab and immigrated 22 years ago and he is building and helping a lot of people through his company

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The EB-5 visa gives you Comprar cialis generico barato en españa permanent residency and green card, it is much easier and simpler, and it is like a jet fast process compared to other visas. When you have EB-5 visa, you can still pursue your studies in the US, and you can also work in the US, and you can also take your dependants to the United States once your visa is granted. So why waste your time in the long process when we have a shortcut. Think about it. it’s an amazing idea to work on.


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