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Accounting and Finance Odoo 15 0 documentation

With Odoo, we can offer your business the most flexible dashboards, reports, and analytics available, providing high-level overviews or drill down to specific business activity. Odoo accounting is connected with all Odoo our apps such as sale, purchase, inventory and subscriptions. I installed Cybrosys Techno Solutions’ Full Base Accounting Kit, but when I activated the India Localization, the l10n_in_reports_gst module for Indian – GSTR India eFiling in not available. Users can enter the firm phone number in the Phone area and apply for the value-added tax number in the Tax ID field. After activating the Verify VAT Numbers functionality, users can use the European VIES service to validate the VAT numbers. Let’s now examine the Odoo 17 Accounting module’s VAT number validation.

  • We may use the Odoo 17 Accounting module to quickly manage cash rounding for different nations.
  • Odoo places a significant emphasis on security, implementing measures such as backups, disaster recovery, data encryption, network defense and regular independent security audits.
  • Integration and customization are valuable but may not align with every business’s needs or budget.
  • The managers can utilize this statement to gauge and analyze the company’s performance.

In the Cash Rounding Method window, set the Rounding Method to Down. The Print Preview button allows us to obtain a print preview of the page. The Profit and Loss sheet is located when we access the Reporting menu, which is one of the many menus in the Odoo Accounting module. Installed without issue, all features are working during initial look over.

Customer Invoice¶

However, we are unable to simply manage the profit and loss statements with Odoo Accounting. With the help of this program, we can alter profit and loss statements. To manage the activities, we can provide inputs like the profit and loss period. Afterward, log on to
your Odoo server and go to the Apps menu.

Trigger the debug mode and update the
list by clicking on the “Update Apps List” link. From legal statements to executive summaries, they are fast and dynamic. Use Odoo’s business intelligence feature to navigate through all your companies data. We can view the overall tax amount for your sorted month on the new page. Additionally, by selecting the PDF button in the new window, you can download the tax report.

Payment Terms¶

The large selection of apps may provide flexibility but could also overwhelm or confuse some users, depending on the company’s specific requirements. As a result, using the cash rounding method to validate invoices and round up invoice amounts is simple. A company can benefit from controlling the quantity of decimal currency units.

Daily Reports

Also, the option to host on or Odoo Enterprise might require additional technical skills that not all users possess. These factors could make Odoo less appealing to smaller businesses or those without dedicated IT support. Let’s create a client invoice in Odoo 17 for the Add a rounding line strategy. Click on the Customers tab, then select the Invoices option. All of your company’s invoices are available here, as shown in the screenshot below. When it comes to currency rounding, the smallest coin with the lowest denomination is larger than the minimum account unit.


As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of musical effects systems, Strymon uses their Odoo modules for improved accounting, sales, inventory, management, and more. USA Odoo (an OSI company) implemented an effective financial process that helps Strymon continue their efforts in progressing what music technology is capable of. The VAT Information Exchange System is the instrument that the European Commission offers. It helps you verify the legitimacy of VAT numbers that businesses in the EU have registered. In Odoo 17 Accounting, the Verify VAT Number tool facilitates the saving of a contact.

New Apps

I can’t edit dynamic accounting reports to make changes in the reports (P&L or Balance Sheet). Can you please check that the Accounting module is installed in your environment? Subsequently, select your preferred way accumulated depreciation of rounding cash below the Other Info column. The screenshot above illustrates how the untaxed sum was rounded up to the resultant one. We can set the Rounding Method to DOWN to notice the difference in amount.

Setup Accounting¶

Let’s say you created the April 2021 profit and loss statement. We can compare it with this month, last month, or a custom period when you select the compare option. The comparison will make it simple for us to determine whether or not the company is growing. A company’s income statement combined with its expense statement is what we might refer to as its profit and loss statement. Profit and loss statements are typically produced for a year or a single fiscal year.

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