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When Are State Tax Returns Due in Delaware?

The registered agent will charge a small fee to complete the filing of your Delaware franchise tax. A company cannot issue more shares than the authorized number of shares. The number of issued shares can not exceed the number of authorized shares.

  • We’ll also provide you with tips on how to ensure that you pay your tax on time and avoid any penalties or interest charges.
  • This lesser-known requirement can be quite frustrating when it delays time-sensitive filings.
  • Paying your Delaware franchise tax is an important requirement for all corporations incorporated in the state.
  • The tax rate using this method is $400 per $1,000,000 (or part thereof) of assumed par value capital, with a maximum annual tax of $200,000.

While the tax can be a significant expense for businesses, incorporating in Delaware can provide significant benefits, making it a popular choice for businesses across the United States. In order to utilize this filing method, you will need to provide the company’s total gross assets (as reported on Form 1120, Schedule L) and the total number of issued shares. The tax is then often calculated to the minimum payment of $400 tax plus the $50 annual report fee, for a total of $450 due per year. In the state of Delaware, all corporations are required to file an annual report and pay a franchise tax. Domestic corporations that are exempt from tax do not have to pay a tax, but they must file an annual report. The filing fee for all other domestic corporations is $50, plus any taxes that are due when the annual report is filed.

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If you pay your Delaware franchise tax late, you’ll be charged a late fee. The late fee is $125.00 and a 1.5 percent monthly interest fixed asset accounting afterward. If you don’t want to pay your Delaware franchise tax yourself, you can hire a registered agent to do it for you.

The State of Delaware allows you to pay the lower of the two Delaware Franchise Tax calculation methods. Therefore, if you receive a tax bill for tens of thousands of dollars, it may be in your best interest to try calculating your Delaware Franchise Tax with the assumed par value capital method. Corporations, LLCs and LPs are taxed in arrears, meaning the tax due by each due date is for the previous calendar year.

Q: Who can serve as the authorized signer of the annual report?

Often, the tax is then calculated to the minimum payment of $350, with a $50 annual report fee. If your company falls into the maximum stock option of 5001 or more shares, there are two possible methods to calculate the Delaware franchise tax. Delaware requires that annual report(s) be current prior to all dissolution and merger filings.

Individuals with an income of $73,000 or less may be eligible to prepare and file federal income tax returns for free through IRS Free File. If your annual report for franchise tax is not filed and the Delaware franchise tax is not paid for two years in a row, the corporation will be dissolved by the State of Delaware. The interest penalty for failure to pay your taxes on March 1st is calculated at 1.5% per month on the unpaid tax balance. In addition, your taxes are typically filed along with an Annual Report, and the penalty for failure to file this report is $200.

Franchise taxes for partnerships and LLCs

Read on to find out how much you’ll pay, or visit our Delaware Franchise Tax calculator app for a quick answer. The due date of your Delaware Franchise Tax payment varies, depending on your company type. The report must be filed online and received by the Division of Corporations on or before March 1st.

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Additionally, the franchise tax is due on an annual basis, while the corporate income tax is typically paid quarterly. The Delaware Franchise Tax is calculated in one of two ways, depending on the type of business entity. The first method is based on the number of authorized shares of stock that a corporation has. Delaware Franchise Tax is a fee that is levied on all corporations and other business entities that are incorporated in the state of Delaware. The tax is charged annually and is based on the type of entity and the amount of authorized shares of stock the business has.

Delaware offers several methods for paying your franchise tax, including online payment, wire transfer, credit card, and check. The Delaware franchise tax is beneficial to corporations because it is a simple process to submit and calculate payment. The Delaware franchise tax is also beneficial to businesses as it is a small fee in comparison to other states.

However, they must still file an annual report and pay the filing fee. Delaware franchise tax cannot be waived or reduced for businesses incorporated in the state. However, businesses can reduce their tax liability by changing their authorized shares or their total gross assets. The Delaware franchise tax is an annual tax that is required for all corporations incorporated in the state. It is based on the corporation’s authorized shares and the par value of those shares, and failure to pay the tax may result in penalties and interest charges.

After two years of non-filing and non-payment of the Delaware LLC annual fees, the corporation’s Certificate of Incorporation will be revoked. The Delaware corporation annual report must be signed by the corporation’s president, secretary, treasurer, or other duly authorized officer or by any of its directors. If filing an initial report, any incorporator can be an authorized signer in the event the board of directors has not yet been elected.

Also, the Secretary of State will not issue a Certificate of Good Standing for a corporation that owes franchise taxes or a completed report. When filing a franchise tax in Delaware, all the must be submitted is the physical address of the business and the name of the registered agent. As long as your issued shares constitute a third to half of your authorized shares, this method will save you money. If you don’t file your Delaware franchise tax on time, you will be charged a late fee.

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